Saturday, April 5

Love Pizza? RM8-million one??

Not one of those million-dollar food delicacy stunts, but just a plain dotcom-ed one without 'much' toppings:, one of the premium domain names which costs just about the price for a single normal-size 12" edible cheese pie to renew annually.

Over the last few years, I've sold a few domains at 5-digit pricings, but 7-digit worth ones surely are huge windfalls for owners of domains like,, etc...

Read more about getting "a slice of the web pie" at Baltimore Sun.

Hmm, reminiscing my old days working for Pizza Hut some 10+ years ago - almost bored of taking a stuffed baked dough home every night!

BTW, if you've missed the dotcom fortunes, it's still not too late to bite some off .ASIA, only recently opened for public registration on 26 MAR 2008. And save at least RM10 per name, per year (off normal price of RM60++) if you'd register before closing of extended March Madness sale, by 8pm, 8 APRIL 2008 (MYT).

Pizza, pizza panas... Siapa Cepat, Dia Dapat !!

Wednesday, April 2

Google Fools

Are you bored enough to continue staying on Earth? Let's colonize Mars' caves. Google and Virgin are picking up the tab:

Go, go, Penguins!

I didn't know Virgin flies people to space too, hehe...

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