Thursday, June 14

Entrepreneurship 2.0 on YouTube

Dr DeBrouwer wrote, "Just as the open-source movement has created more programmers by burning the black boxes, it is now time for entrepreneurs to publish their source code towards the developing countries, the third and the fourth world, and to create a 100 million entrepreneurs by giving them a peak behind the entrepreneurial curtain."

... and presents, "Entrepreneurship 2.0":

Think of Entrepeneurship 2.0 as a a hologram or a fractal: each piece contains a representation of the totality... So, the next time someone asks what Pajamanation is, just say that it's... the biggest idea on the planet and when they ask you 'why', just tell them, 'We are all creators!'

Pajamaworking means self-employment for micropreneurs of Generation C when "the world is flat!"

Check out what the buzz is all about at

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