Friday, June 22

Coming to strangle you on 26 JUNE 2006...

It's movie time again... and it's been a while since I get to be so excited to check out an animated feature at a cinema. Worth mentioning also that this one won't even be in 3D!

For those in the northern hemisphere, it'll be the start of summer this weekend and hence a great season for outings to the cinemas, but for us around the equator line, it's hot and wet as usual -- in fact, it's been quite rainy all these weeks in Malaysia due to the annual southwest monsoon period of the year (April until October) prompting floods in KL and freak storms in Penang. Disregarding all the natural catastrophes or the wrath of mother earth due to global warming, it's time to get filled up with laughters with Matt Groening's characters of Homer, Bart and the rest of the freak Simpsons family members -- see their family, and feel better, period!

By the way, if you haven't heard, Malaysia made unwanted world wide attractions earlier this week with the stories on how Homer was kidnapped at 3 am but later returned unharmed by afternoon the same day by two college kids. I'd say, this better be a publicity stunt by the cinema owners themselves! If not, those two kids should pay their time with the law, but Hollywood and co should still reward the duo somehow -- at least with a couple cinema tickets for Simpsons The Movie. Because, without a news story like this, it might take millions of us Malaysians a while before we get to find out that this cool flix is coming out this week. Surprisingly though, with all these brouhahas, Malaysia isn't even listed along with the 64 countries iconized at the front page of the movie's official website:

Some previews of the upcoming movie that will open in theaters near you across Malaysia starting 26 JUNE 2006 (12+ hours earlier than in USA):-

And Gorlep's mock trailer:

Here's a wallpaper for all of you Simpsons fans:

D'oh! D'oh! D'oh!

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