Sunday, June 17

Happy Belated Work-At-Home Father's Day (15 JUN 2007)

Today, 17 JUNE 2007 is a secular Father's day as celebrated in dozens of countries including Malaysia which amongst its 'noble' purposes is to enrich the corporation called Hallmark, as clearly again, remarked by the Time this month:

"The folks at Hallmark are going to have a very good day on June 17. That's when more than 100 million of the company's ubiquitous cards will be given to the 66 million dads across the U.S. in observation of Father's Day. Such a blizzard of paper may be short of the more than 150 million cards sold for Mother's Day, but it's still quite a tribute. What's less clear is whether dads--at least as a group--have done a good enough job to deserve the honor.", Sarah Blaffer Hrdy and Mary Batten to start their article entitled "The Psychology of Fatherhood" (TIME, 7 JUN 2007).

Hence a Google search on "Father's Day Malaysia" would pull a first page result linking to gift-retailing sites like, BambooFlorist, FlowersGiftMalaysia,, WorldCard (for a trip to Genting for Dads, again!!), etc.

As a pajamaworker however, I'm more interested in how work-at-home fathers are celebrated? After all, they get to see their spouse and kids almost every single day, not just the minimal hours every early mornings or late nights. Jeff Zbar, the self-appointed "Chief Home Officer", for instance, claimed to have created the "Work At Home Father's Day" to be celebrated annually on Friday before Father's Day. Zbar wrote, "(It's to) honor fathers who have chosen to work from home in order to improve their family lives or job satisfaction.” ... to say “kudos” to dads like us. ... In an effort to embrace all work-at-homers, entrepreneurs and teleworkers alike are welcome to celebrate."

Another blog worth to read about the celebrations of work-at-home fathers is, by Brian Reid.

And heck, these guys even have an annual convention for At-Home Dad, its 12th time this year to be held in Kansas City, Missouri on 3 NOV 2007... Coming soon to Malaysia, I hope.

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