Friday, June 15

Ronggeng Merdeka @ Georgetown

"Ronggeng Merdeka" tells the story of five "ronggeng girls" trying to make it through the tumultuous 1930s till the Malaysian independence in 1957. The audience is invited to indulge into the world of the Ronggeng Girls, while following their journey through the British, Japanese and Communist occupations. This theatrically rendered interpretation of the events that took place during these years is presented by children and students from in and around Penang. The musical drama is further enhanced by live music and video clips of actual events that took place during World War II, the Emergency and the Independence.

Energetic dance moves, vivid costumes and great acting by Penang's younger generation make "Ronggeng Merdeka" a must-see for all Penangites and tourists alike! Catch the final performance of "Ronggeng Merdeka" by Ombak-ombak Arts Studio this weekend at the following:

Venue: Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang
Date: June 16th, 2007
Day: Saturday
Time: 8.oo pm

For more info, please contact Ms Yoke Pin at 012-3619113

Read more at Ronggeng Merdeka Blogspot
and the preview in The Star.

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