Sunday, September 27

Eid Mubarak 1430H!

It's been a week since the 1st day of Eid ("Hari Raya" in Malaysia), but the raya mood is still here. (Malaysians tend to celebrate Eid for the entire month of Syawal, perhaps to make up to the the full month of fasting during Ramadhan)

I even attended another Raya open house hosted by a local State Legistive Hall Member (ADUN) earlier yesterday, and more open houses are on the way - Tuesday at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Pulau Pinang, and all the way to 10th of October, hosted by TechBiz Penang (which I'm also a committee member of) at Pen Mutiara Restaurant, Batu Maung.

So, here again (as wished elsewhere - @twitter, @facebook, via SMSes, in person etc.):

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin!

* Photo taken from the lounge of newly opened Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Feringghi, Pulau Pinang.

Tuesday, September 1

#1 in Malaysia

OK, thought I'd made only a single post today on the 1st of September, but, glancing the top of the page reminded me to check Twitter Grader again - a full one hundred mark, really? - after many days of low frequency tweets this week, losing updates count by nearly 15,000 (short mishap by @twitter ~13 AUG 2009), and dropped so many ranks down below just a week ago.

(Besides, my top-20 Malaysia rank (in terms of followers just a few months ago), has long gone following my neglect and focus on this one account - I do have another acct with more followers tho ;))

Feeling like a kid again... The @WoNoJo really at #1, huh?

My tweet buddies, @PeterPek and @xmellyssax - you'll have your time on the #1 spot soon... don't worry.

The rest, @nurul54, @syafiza, @ruhanirabin, @gloson, @askaaronlee and @emailcopywriter have enjoyed the top-most spot before, and will definitely go up there again, I believe. All the best to newcomer @lean6s, rising up fast there!

Wait, I didn't know @ruhanirabin made that many tweets in such a short time -aktifnya hang!

Cepat-cepat, ikut saya... (follow me, and I'll follow you.... teringat iklan makhluk kuning Digi)

Satu Malaysia

Four months without updates, and finally had the urge to update, and thought this video from Astro radio folks deserves the spot - it's watched barely 3,000 times though since published on YouTube 3 days ago by DemonDJ - not your typical "All Stars", except maybe Aznil kot:

Selamat Merdeka Malaysia!

p/s: haven't been watching youtube much all the months, but think I've watched at least 4-hour straight of video feeds last night, mostly catching up on X Factor Season 6 ones :)

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