Tuesday, November 25

What a Week!

It's been a busy month for me since early October, and a packful week just the most recent one (the 1st Global Entrepreneurship Week/Malaysia - 17th until 23rd of November 2008, which I co-hosted especially in Penang, Malaysia) that I could barely write much about anything. But they say "pictures are worth a thousand words each" (or so), so, here are my 300,000+ words (enough?):-

Though, I have always been microblogging on twitter, facebook, topix etc. including for "The Week" itself, so, this blog had never really been dried of feeds.

Plus, I did put up so posts on blogs that I co-produce: ICT Penang and Kelab Usahawan Sosial Balik Pulau (KUSbp)

More past photos (flickr stream):

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