Tuesday, September 1

#1 in Malaysia

OK, thought I'd made only a single post today on the 1st of September, but, glancing the top of the page reminded me to check Twitter Grader again - a full one hundred mark, really? - after many days of low frequency tweets this week, losing updates count by nearly 15,000 (short mishap by @twitter ~13 AUG 2009), and dropped so many ranks down below just a week ago.

(Besides, my top-20 Malaysia rank (in terms of followers just a few months ago), has long gone following my neglect and focus on this one account - I do have another acct with more followers tho ;))

Feeling like a kid again... The @WoNoJo really at #1, huh?

My tweet buddies, @PeterPek and @xmellyssax - you'll have your time on the #1 spot soon... don't worry.

The rest, @nurul54, @syafiza, @ruhanirabin, @gloson, @askaaronlee and @emailcopywriter have enjoyed the top-most spot before, and will definitely go up there again, I believe. All the best to newcomer @lean6s, rising up fast there!

Wait, I didn't know @ruhanirabin made that many tweets in such a short time -aktifnya hang!

Cepat-cepat, ikut saya... (follow me, and I'll follow you.... teringat iklan makhluk kuning Digi)

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