Monday, June 18

Two is better, more than two is the best!

Looking at the mainstream media - the Malaysian TV stations, the locally published newspapers and the popular magazines, one would think that Malaysians don't spend that much time online. What I continue to discover however: there seem to be so many Malaysians out there dominating Web 2.0 communities. Friendster, a social network is one of them; Ryze and Ecademy for business network.; So are MyBlogLog, SpicyPage, Technorati etc. And the millions of Malaysian Internet users "dig" big media too -- songs and videos. They flock YouTube and along with Filipinos and Singaporeans, they also become one of the biggest audience of Imeem, the latest YouTube-meets-Friendster craze for Malaysians.

They surely do talk about everything, including work. But will most of us pajamaworking at home continue to work alone, or explore the possibility to actually work in a group of many -- not just 2-3 collaboration, but in a corporation-like manner: say, six or more on a project.

Can tools like be one of the platform for such net-WORK-ing?

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