Monday, June 11

I bought a Ferrari at Autocity Carnival yesterday

For just RM 3.99 (and told the salesgirl, ("keep the red-cent change")) from Shell, that is... ;-) Vroom! A full-scale real Ferrari would cost like a million bucks (RM) in Malaysia. I wonder if Adsense' cash would pile up enough.... (urgh!) Maybe I need to complete like 1,000 pajamanation micro projects for that...

Here's some more snaps at the venue of Autocity Carnival 2007 in Juru, Penang, that ended yesterday...

Cool ride, eh?

for drifting... (dreaming)

mild crowd on Sunday morning (people are still sleeping aa, duh!)

sexy back...

And some pictures I ripped off The Star:

The beauties that "sold me" these little devils.

I clearly won this "race", but the salesgirl didn't give me anything!
She got me a pen after a lucky draw result instead.

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