Sunday, June 10

Work in Pajamas, Holiday in Smart Casual

It's weekend. For most parts of Malaysia that is. Time to switch from pajamas at workplace and don a smart casual look for some recreational outings (play)...

A hardworking pajamaworker needs some rest, and leave home sweet home some time... Today, My family and I are going to check out AutoCity Carnival 2007 (and International GT Series 2007) in Juru, Karnival ICT in Alor Star, and a play by Actors' Studio "Anak Bulan di Kampong Wa' Hassan" in Balik Pulau. These kinds of social networking meets are actually business networking opportunities though!

...Isn't it ironic? (Alanis, 1996) . Well, at least, I don't get to be often late for work for reasons like traffic jam anymore...

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