Tuesday, June 26

Which site would you like to hack today?

Less than two weeks ago, HongKiat.com, one of the most popular blog sites in Malaysia and by a Malaysian (also ~Top-3000 at Technorati) alerted its readers on spotted hackings, eg:-
  1. hongkiat.com/blog/more-than-400-websites-hacked-yesterday-majority-were-malaysians
  2. hongkiat.com/blog/audi-club-malaysia-forum-hacked-by-bmw-fans
Today, it's its turn for the hackers:

You think ur problogger ? Think again … You think ur too good for blog ad networks ? Think again … You think ur blog readers love your content ? Think again …  You’re n00b! W3R3 1337s!  H4X0R3d! 0WN3D! PWND!
Unless, if this has been a stunt for the presses... ;)

Two other bloggers have also reported that their blog sites have been hacked yesterday (Monday, 25jun07):-
  1. Chan Lilian's frenzrss & faith walk - forcing this mom to stay up late to restore the two blogs (or to start over with WordPress)

  2. CedricAng.com - forcing the previous site owner to immediately move to another domain and declare war, eh, I meant to have gone to be slightly bad from just monkeying around previously.

I remember having a chat with a fellow blogger at recent NuffNang's Penang Meet on Saturday where I suggested some pros and cons of having your self-installed content-management system (eg. WordPress) vs outsourced service (eg. Blogger.com) citing among others, security concerns and/or technical maintenance chore for the former option. Liew, another prominent tech-centric blogger also alerted his readers with availability of the latest security patch for Wordpress on the same day.

Guess, three of the bloggers who were also present at the event are experiencing such major hassle first hand! Lim HK should be technical enough to recover his much valued blog, I think. Though, this hacking incident could be a major blow (or boost) for Hong Kiat's full-time self-employment move, announced just last week. 5xmom (who has had her other sites hacked not long ago, who should have learned her lesson well -- sorry!) and Cedric however seem to have to start rebuilding their damaged site from scratch, respectively. Luckily, unlike HongKiat.com or Chan Lilian's other more worthy sites, those other sites were quite fresh prior to have been hacked -- Some hackers somehow have been nice enough not destroy the entire sites which could be a worthy archive for the Internet.

For other bloggers and website operators, beware of the hackers!

Read more about cyber securities in Malaysia:-

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