Tuesday, June 5

Green Day Everyday!

This Pajamanation Malaysia blog site sports a new design today, courtesy of the dozens of nice layouts from Blogger. We're back to our old theme BTW, from the previously all mysterious Star Wars-alien-black theme. And we're classically gray, as Pajamanation is an advocator of going back to basics to some 100 years ago or earlier, where practically everyone on earth was working from home instead of slaving every 8-6 or late night shifts at some factories or corporate buildings.

But what's up with all these greenish sprinkles? Well, haven't you heard that today is World Environment Day (see earlier post made this morning)? We're just paying our respect to our mother earth just as a quote I've noted in the Star today: "We didn't inherit the earth from our ancestors. We are just borrowing it from our children!"

Selamat Hari Alam Sekitar Sedunia!

The next few days however, we will be BLUE -- favorite color for most people! Watch out for next announcement on 8 JUNE 2007. Then, we'll be pink again, as PINK is chic! -- As we support the less able and women workers at home, as well as the micropreneuring papas, many of whom are adding to the home-based workforce of today.

Changing shirts is fun! Plus we are great fans of the colourful Citrawarna Malaysia!

Hmm... Pajamanation is about WORK, and BUSINESS? Why is this site full of tourism stuff? Aren't traveling and leisurely activities, ANTI-WORK? Consider that Malaysia earned 32.7 BILLION RINGGITS last year from tourism industry. That's about RM100-million each day! And such a huge amount of revenue will provide more work and income for the average Malaysian workers and entrepreneurs. That's why, we're so upbeat about Tourism Malaysia! If you're Malaysians, consider taking holidays and discover Malaysia during current school holidays and kenduri seasons. If you're out of Malaysia, what are you waiting for? Come here now and celebrate the Colours of Malaysia and Visit Malaysia Year 2007 with us! Millions of colours and millions of smiles in Malaysia, Truly Asia!

I'm going to Tapak Ekspo Seberang Jaya tonight to support the local micropreneurs and SMEs. Join me?

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