Friday, June 8

Broadband in Every Home! (Jom pi Kedah...)

The Kedah Information and Communication Technology(ICT) Carnival 2007 is the first of its kind to be held in Kedah.

It will be hosted in Stadium Sultan Abdul Halim, Suka Menanti, Alor Star:

OPENING - June 8th
CLOSING - June 10th

Kedah ICT Carnival will be an annual event organised by Kedah State Government.

:: The Significance Impact ::

1. Kedah ICT Carnival will be the premier ICT event for the state of Kedah in term of :

  1. Government's effort to continuously promote and educate ICT in Kedah which in turn will help create a better society

  2. Providing an avenue for the state government to continuously bring people and communities together and in that process Bridge the Digital Divide

  3. Sharing information, exchange ideas and knowledge in the current and future development on ICT between industry players and communities

  4. Generating significant business partnerships, enhanced collaboration among industry players and attracting ICT & multimedia investment in Kedah

2. Kedah ICT Carnival is a key vehicle to enable communities, empower societies and enrich state's economies.

:: The Visitor ::

Kedah ICT Carnival is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors.

The potential visitors consist of (estimated) :
  • Communities 50%
  • Students 25%
  • ICT Entreprenuers 15%
  • Government & Academician 10%

Jom Broadband! Jom pi Kedah...

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