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TM Net Streamyx Super Duper Deal ending in three days (31 MAY 2007)

Say, Pajama Workers... Are you on broadband yet? If not, why not? We'd like to hear your say on broadband connectivity in Malaysia...

I've been a broadband user for almost 15 years to-date, from the fast connection of 100 Mbps (in computer labs in the USA -- now some of these labs have 1 Gbps (1024 Mbps) and many residential houses have connections as fast as 30MBps) down to as slow as 384Kbps (maximum speed using Digi Edge GPRS on through a mobile phone, but only at hi-speed in certain locations like in Penang Island, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur etc).

Some of these connections are highly reliable, and some are not. TM Net Streamyx works okay for me supplying me well over 1Mbps download speed and over 300Kbps upload speed most of the times, but very slow connection to offshore sites, irritatingly as low as under 50Kbps (maximum PSTN non-broadband dial-up speed) at certain times.

Oh well, at least it's good (or bad?) to know that my home Internet connection is usually much better than the connection at some local MSC-status universities (I've publicly told Dato Seri Dr Jamaludin Jarjis about this irony at a recent global technopreneur seminar in Penang but he must have misheard/misunderstood me, and immediately dismissed my allegation as non-constructive -- it seems that MOSTI thinks that it's better to spend millions of ringgits each year to bring broadband to remote villages where not many people use the Internet anyway than to increase its annual budget significantly to give our dire higher learning institutions the best the world/MSC could offer, where at least 600,000 students are using or want to use the Internet actively each year -- He was putting his full bet on WiMAX instead which is still nowhere to be seen in Malaysia after two years now!!).*** [see notes below]

I've heard horror stories about Streamyx, but after using it for over three years now, I have little to complain except during very few incidents, and my continued disappointments on its billing policies and lack of decent customer support. But, what other good choices do we have here in Malaysia, especially when you live in areas not covered by hi-speed Digi Edge or 3G?

All thoughts considered, Streamyx is still one of the best choices for many, and TMNet has just announced speed bump to 4Mbps (and Metro.e for business for a speed up to 1Gbps) at a promotional monthly subscription fee of just RM188. If you are still delaying to get Streamyx for your home or office, keep in mind that present Super Duper offer which is practically the best ever, is ending soon on 31 MAY 2007. (Read on below -- and we wouldn't mind at all if you'd send the applications through us -- you'd get some surprise tokens of appreciations from us! Many already have!). More information at latest broadband offers at

Press Release from TM Net:

Friday, March 30, 2007


CYBERJAYA, March 30, 2007 – As part of its ongoing efforts to increase the take-up of broadband Internet access in the country, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM ) introduced its new Streamyx Super Duper Deal - an extra value, all-in-one package to attract more consumers to adopt broadband. The offer is available for only two months from April 1 to May 31, 2007.

Puan Zainab Hashim, General Manager, Integrated Marketing, Malaysia Business of Telekom Malaysia Berhad , said “We have put together a convenient super value-packed package that will allow new subscribers to get online instantly to start experiencing the wealth of online information and entertainment as easily as possible. So in addition to 1.0Mbps Streamyx at a reduced monthly price, we have bundled in a number of our other online services and applications at ‘100% discount’.”

The Streamyx Super Duper Deal, which is being offered to all new subscribers who sign up between 1 April and 31 May 2007, has been designed as a complete “digital lifestyle” package, offering Streamyx broadband Internet access for only RM77 per month as well as a free ADSL modem, Voice-Over-Broadband (BB Phone) communications service and unlimited online games at no extra cost.

Puan Zainab said that TM was also addressing the growing interest in wireless broadband by including a 3-month free subscription to tmnet hotspot. She said, “There is clearly a demand to be online while on the go, outside the home or office, and right now the best solution is tmnet hotspot, which is Malaysia’s largest and most established wireless access network, offering broadband speeds at over 1,100 selected locations nationwide, including F&B outlets such as Pizza Hut, Secret Recipe and Burger King.”

She added that TM is responding to consumer concerns over threats from viruses, spam mail and pornography through the bundling of the Safe Surfing Solutions package, which includes security applications such as X-filter, Online Guard & Virus Shield & Anti-Spamming filters.

The features of Streamyx Super Duper Deal package include:

  • Streamyx 1.0Mbps broadband Internet access at a reduced price of RM77 per month for 24 months.
  • Free Modem
  • Free BB Phone VOIP service basic subscription for 3 months
  • Free Safe Surfing Solutions package which includes X-filter, Online Guard & Virus Shield & Anti Spamming for 24 months
  • Free Hotspot WiFi access at over 1,100 selected Hotspot locations nationwide for 3 months
  • Free Unlimited Online Games from for 3 months

Puan Zainab said “In line with the national agenda in increasing broadband penetration, TM aims to get as many Malaysians online as possible, and now with the Streamyx Super Duper Deal they can do so with our extra-value package. I hope those who still have not subscribed to Streamyx will take advantage of this great offer and start experiencing the best of broadband today...

About TM

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), a leading regional information and communications group, offers a comprehensive range of communication services and solutions in fixed-line, mobile, data and broadband. As one of the largest listed companies on Bursa Malaysia with an operating revenue of more than RM16 billion, TM is driven to deliver value to its stakeholders in a highly competitive environment.

The Group places emphasis on continuing customer service quality enhancements and innovations. Currently, with investments and operations in 13 countries around Asia and globally, TM is focused on sustainable growth in both the local and international markets.

On the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) front, the Group has always been a major corporate contributor towards responsible activities in the belief that these practices are a fundamental tenet of good corporate governance. The Group promotes 3 major platforms i.e. education, sports development and community/nation-building. Under education, TM has spent some RM800 million to develop Multimedia University with more than 20,000 students. TM has also provided scholarships to over 10,000 graduates pursuing academic programmes locally and overseas. On the sports front, TM is actively contributing towards the upliftment of football at all levels while under the community/nation-building platform, the Group contributes towards causes that bring value to the community and nation at large.

For further information on TM, visit

For Malaysian users, recommends TM Net Streamyx as your broadband connectivity of choice.

With plans as low as RM20/month serving either TM prepaid or postpaid line (new applications also accepted along with Streamyx application), at home or office. Unlike some other broadband providers, NO MONTHLY TRANSFER LIMITS !!

Enjoy unlimited access hours with plans starting RM66 (or just RM77 for 1Mbps Super Duper Special Offer below) and speed up to 2Mbps (for just RM188/mth).

It's not too good to be true. It's good and it's true. Just sign up between 1 April and 31 May 2007!


To check streamyx in your area send "STX fixed line number" via SMS** to 33535, for instance

STX 048666769

i.e. Replace 048666769 with your TM fixed line number, either postpaid or prepaid line.

* Terms and conditions apply (see below). Speed is at best effort. Subject to service availability.
** Standard Telco SMS charges for outgoing SMS. 30 sen per SMS replied.

To subscribe, email or fax us your completed form (download application form here: small (186K) or big (288K) and (or at least) a copy of your MyKad (and company registration if for business account). A stamp duty for RM10 is also now required prior to processing. (Payment can be made thru bank deposit/transfer or Paypal)

For details please contact us.

[** NOTE: Consider that millions of students at US colleges are getting 10 Mbps or better dedicated Internet connection from their dorm rooms, for at least fifteen years now! Wonder where the multi billion-dollar giants of Google and Yahoo came from? If you've guessed dorm rooms, you're right! If you've guessed the same for Microsoft and Dell, you're right too, except that they were driven to business because of the new trend for personal computers in college and there were no commercial Internet then. Need more examples of world-class ICT products from universities? How about Sun (who coined "network is the computer"), Cisco (the networking leader), Silicon Graphics (one of the earliest network-centric high-end workstations), Netscape (world's first commercial web browser which was bought by AOL), HP, Intel and the long list goes on. So, would anyone dare telling me again that universities are a second or third priority in Malaysia? I think, it's about time the Ministry of Higher Education and MeCD start slow talking with KTAK, MOSTI and MDeC! I'd like to point out our successes from local universities in the field of ICT arena, but I'm having a hard time... care to help me with some decent examples? How do I know that we're in deep trouble? Because I'm taking a "technopreneurship" Master course at a local university that seems to have almost zero sense of teaching ICT entrepreneurship besides the fact that the technologies and ICT cultures in the campus are extremely poor! Finance and management, yes, but entrepreneurship and innovations, think again... TM Net however, has since, been working with several higher learning or exclusive educational institutions in upgrading their Internet connection - i.e. at UNIMAS (8->34Mbps by June 2007), UUM (9Mbps -> 45Mbps in 2006), UTP (15Mbps for campus-wide Wi-Fi in 2007) and as many as 88 smart schools (512Kbps->4-Mbps, expected in 2007/2008) -- still, there's still much to be desired with regards to the speed bump to make it much higher, or it's just not enough during present era of Wi-Fi, YouTube and miscellaneous Web 2.0]

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