Friday, May 18

Martha Stewart on Generation C

Generation C is a very influential group of people in the USA and many other Internet-centric nations -- most of whom are formerly from Generation X, Y and D. In Malaysia however, we almost never heard of anyone mentioned it, especially on mainstream media. We've heard of the never-ending blog-phobias among many of our politicians though. In fact, the newspapers, i.e. New Straits Times featured an article on average infopreneurs (money-making bloggers, internet marketers, online traders etc.) only very recently. (Infopreneuring graduates like Dr Irfan Khairi and Fione Tan had been featured extensively though due to their spending of significant ringgits in offline marketing or online media with offline counterparts - Berita Harian, The Star etc.).

Today, while I was live-streaming NTV7 on my PC (past midnight), Martha Stewart, the "billionaire homemaker" caught my due attention when she started her regular TV show by sparking the curiosities of her audience by asking if anybody knows what "Generation C" means. She continued describing the term quite well indeed: "Generation Content", and later related this positive trend on how her company's website is reflecting on this self-generating content culture.

Bravo Martha!

I'm waiting for our local personalities to make themselves popular by embracing this latest culture that's storming Malaysia today. Go ahead, talk about it, and take advantage of this internet phenomenon.

Psst.... We're in the middle of hiring a local icon, who would get the awareness of "generation c", "web 2.0", "pajama culture" etc. out to the masses. We've shortlisted several candidates off the entertainment industry (filmmaking and music) and will announce our spokeperson soon! Stay TUNED!

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