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Friendster-freak Malaysians embracing PerfSpot - the fastest-growing website in the world

Let's watch on another Web 2.0 company (or more specifically a social networking software) today... This one is boldly entering the turf that are already being dominated (and saturated) by the likes of Friendster (hot in Southeast Asia), Myspace (US-favorite), Facebook, Bebo (favorite in UK & Ireland) and tech giants like Google Orkut (Brazilian's choice), Yahoo 360 and MSN Spaces.

I first learned about Perfspot while taking care my editorial chores at Topix (another global web 2.0 leader in news aggregation field). Being a statsoholic that I am, I checked out Alexa reports for Perfspot, and by looking at its high rank, I instantly knew that I have to investigate this company -- one that I have surprisingly never heard of before. My instinct was right. This new company with a domain name that is no older than two years has taken the Internet by storm of epic proportion. After a comparatively very little growth since its inception month until early this year, beginning end of January 2007, has jumped from the traffic-rank of over 100,000 to be a top-300 today! It's daily reach has risen from 0.02% by late April to 0.28% of the world today -- That's more than 10x growth in less than one month!!.

As usual, I wanted to know how will this new web-based software affect Malaysians too (the well-known freaks with regards to online social networking) and here's what I've learned: Malaysians who form one of the largest contributing groups to Friendster (#2 in Malaysia as well as constituting over 20% of all Friendster's unique visits!*), YouTube (#5, but only a mere 1% of world's traffic) and Myspace (#7 in Malaysia) aren't being left out of this one, as expected. Today, Malaysia contributes 2.5% of the traffic to Perfspot (hence, a top-10 country) making Perfspot, its new top under 500 most popular web destination in Malaysia.

This site grew so fast that it has to be one of the very few top-500 web destinations that is not yet listed in Netscape/Dmoz Open Directory (that boast its huge number of editors exceeding tens of thousands, worldwide). In fact, Alexa itself and even Google have not caught up with the fast-growing number of web pages that have placed links to (Alexa is listing ONLY ONE today!).

How did Perfspot achieved this amazing feat (becoming the FASTEST-GROWING WEBSITE)? Can anybody else repeat this or come close? Note that this company has released only ONE press release so far, and even then, it was only after its already successful growth trend during the prior few weeks. We'll continue to learn....

If you've read my previous blog, you'd know that there's at least one global web-20 company, or more specifically in the social bookmarking field (eg., Digg, Technorati etc.) that is making the world's headlines off Kuala Lumpur. Looks like the competition is still on for social or business networking industry (dominated by the likes of LinkedIn, Ryze, Ecademy, Xing (formerly OpenBC etc.). Will the next one come out from Malaysia to answer the most recent call from our Prime Minister/MDEC's chief (during the MSC-IAP meeting this week) to establish our first global ICT icon?

Read on the following Press Release.

PerfSpot is Fastest Growing Web Site in the World, According to Top Internet Tracking Firm
Thursday May 10, 6:04 am ET

Nearly a Million Users Join the Perf Revolution

TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE), LLC, a new social networking site that has experienced tremendous growth with more than 30,000 users on average signing up daily, announced today that it is the number one fastest growing Web site on the Internet according to's Weekly Traffic Rankings. now has more than 940,000 members and projects more than 7 million members by the end of the year.

Each week identifies "Movers and Shakers" on the Internet, the top Web sites moving up or down in the traffic rankings as measured by the change in the number of users visiting the site. For the week of May 7, 2007, PerfSpot moved up 151 percent, making it the fastest growing Web site on the Internet. Also according to Alexa, over the past three months, site traffic has escalated by 6,702 percent. It is the 588th most visited Web site on the Internet, based on a total of approximately 101 million Web sites in the world.

"We have been growing by more than 30,000 members daily and expect that number to increase to 75,000 daily once we complete the site translations in 21 languages over the next 45 days," said Hart Cunningham, CEO, "We believe one of the main reasons members love PerfSpot is their ability to choose different privacy settings on their PerfSpot Web site. This allows each member to fully control what content each friend or family member has access to."

With PerfSpot, members can make new friends and network with people with similar interests from one simple-to-use Web site. Members can also upload photo albums, post and watch videos, listen to new music, review the latest news and create personalized maps of their favorite cities. provides features not found on any other site, such as completely customizable security access setup and PerfNights, a photo service that captures nightlife around the world and posts the images online.

In addition to its host of features, PerfSpot boasts a multi-national customer support department with more international offices under development so as to accommodate the expansive growth.

About PerfSpot

PerfSpot was created to provide the perfect web portal for people of any age, gender, or background to share their interests and favorite things on the web. is all about creating an online community that is free of corporate schwag.

Kraves Ronstadt PR
Nina Ronstadt, 619-224-3186

Source:, LLC

Read more about Perfspot being named an Amazon/Alexa Mover & Shaker at

* MySpace is arguably the most popular social networking website in the world today, but Friendster is the undisputed king many South East Asian (SEA) countries. Residents in four ASEAN countries, Philipines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia contribute about 80% of all web audienceship or traffic that Friendster gets today. At present, MySpace is ranked top-5 most visited web destination, and Friendster is world's top-24. Ekawan, the closest local-centric equivalence/contender to Friendster and Myspace, is ranked ~top-250 in Malaysia and ~top-30,000 worldwide. FriendX is another Malaysia-grown social networking portal worth mentioning here.

LAST NOTE: With these shocking stats being presented upon the world, I'd say if a social-centric company wants to grow quickly today, it's a good idea to locate itself or open a marketing and/or r&d branch in one of these four SEA countries. A few Web 2.0 companies have realized this growing trend, and have indeed opened offices in Kuala Lumpur/Penang, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila etc. As a Malaysian, I'll say: "Welcome to Malaysia, Truly Asia!" (Pssst: It's Visit Malaysia Year this time as we celebrate our 50th year of nationhood, come this coming 31 AUG 2007 -- since our 1957 National Independence Year).

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