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News, Info & Upcoming Events for Pajamaworkers in Malaysia

While working alone, or in a small group, especially at home offers us maximum independence, and many other benefits, one of the obvious cons is the fact that we'll be alone most of the times -- and this can really bore many of us, extremely!

How do we know what people really are talking about, and acting like at present times? What's really hot and cool out there? Well, there are forums, and news sites that can feed us with overloads of information, but, nothing beats talking and reaching out to a real person, in person. That's why many homeworkers are fans of business meet-ups and events. One independent consultant by profession, whom I met in an IBM-sponsored seminar in Penang told me, "I'm a regular to these kind of events. This is what we consultants do during our free time."

I'm no stranger to conferences, seminars, expositions, workshops etc. too. One of the first business events I attended was the popular COMDEX in Chicago, back in 1998. When I returned to Malaysia, I became a regular to dozens of other events including the ones sponsored or organized by Microsoft, IBM, Sun, DPMM, Perda, MeCD, PNB, MDeC, YADIM and many others. Not only you get to listen to cool informative talks by great speakers, you'll also be able to collect cool books and plethora of giveaways made available at events like these -- Some prices (i.e. from lucky draws) even come with price tags like 5-6 digit, like a car or a high-end computer server! I wasn't extremely lucky, but I recently won a cool software worth over RM1,000 from Microsoft (beats going home, empty handed or with cheap toys, after spending some considerable money for petrol, tolls, phone/internet/fax, bus/air tickets, or even the registration fees for the particular event...)!

We at Pajamanation Malaysia like these informative and productive events so much, we'd like more and more people to join them too. At least, by keeping you up-to-date with news, happenings and event announcements around the country...

And beginning this month, May until August, especially during long school holidays (2nd-beginning today, and 3rd-beginning Aug 17, terms) happen to be the most popular period for business-related meet-ups and events. Among the interesting upcoming events for the next couple weeks are:-
  1. Ekspo Usahawan Bumiputera Pulau Pinang 2007 in Seberang Jaya on 31 MAY - 7 JUN 2007, organized/supported by PERDA and DPMMPP.

  2. Bookfest Malaysia 2007 @ KLCC (26may-3jun07) organized by Popular Book Co Sdn Bhd.

  3. EKNA, Enterprise Asia, Showcase Usahawan & A-Yes Convention 2007 @ PWTC (30may-3jun07) by among others, MeCD and DPMM

  4. SMIDEX 2007 @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (6-9jun07) by SMIDEC

  5. 1st Karnival ICT Kedah in Alor Star on 8-10 JUNE 2007, organized by Kedah ICT Sdn Bhd (a Kedah state govt subsidiary)

Talk about calendar and information-sharing, today, in partnership with Google, Pajamanation Malaysia is able to offer new services for pajama workers and home-based micropreneurs in Malaysia:-
  1. myPajamanation Portal/Start Page @ (with ala -MS Outlook bookmarks, to-do list and notes management tools)

  2. myPajamanation Calendar (also syndicated at this blog site)

  3. myPajamanation Mail (the same invitation-only Gmail with 2+ GB storage, and unlimited forwarding, POP and mobile/WAP access) -- get not one but several cool domains for your email address including,, and more.

  4. myPajamanation Documents & Spreadsheet Workgroup (collaborate online!)

  5. myPajamanation Web Page Creator @

  6. myPajamanation Chat (text-chat or talk with PM community members!)

How to get access to these free services, and join our prestigious pajamaworking community?

Just write a comment for this post, and mention your user id. We'll then email you your login information to myPajamanation web portal. If you haven't registered with, go ahead and do it now. It's free to register by the way! Connect with 1,600+ other pajamaworkers in 80+ countries (from 400+ cities), worldwide today. (We're growing fast...)

Let's net-WORK! Together, Everyone Achieve More (That's TEAM!)...

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