Saturday, May 19

Pajamanation dates back to 1400 AD!

Check out what Google think is a history for Pajamanation (after crunching nearly 50,000 pages that mention "pajamanation":

Pajamanation view:timeline

Simply another innovative AI experiment off the world's famous Google Labs.


  1. hmm.. looks like Google labs guys must have fixed the program to filter out funny results off its timeline search, but disappointingly by simply blocking the entire keyword instead of possibly errornous reference sources.

    Luckily however, I have the snapshot of it as a proof -- click on the image for a full view of the page capture on 19may07. Plus I have shown the page to at one other person on the same day.

  2. crikey.. now the keyword's up again.

    What's going on Google Schmogle?

    Now you see, now you don't!


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