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NASE - National Association for the Self-Employed

In 1993, when I published my first web page (using text-based pico and nedit editors an browsed it using MacWeb, NSCA Mosaic or Netscape 0.9b), I came up with a web site called"NaseWeb" -- My UNIX username at the time was "NaseCorp". Friends from my old days, especially in my alma mater in Ann Arbor, Michigan would remember the weird email address I had. I was also one of the first who used the nickname "NasiaQ".

My Internet marketing career however started before I found the Web, a year earlier to be exact. I first sent out my marketing email and BBS post in 1992 from Bloomington, Indiana (one of the pioneers indeed!). [In 1993, I also started marketing using Compuserve, Prodigy and AOL because the Web wasn't a defacto medium yet and direct dial-up from homes was still scarce.] Today, these type of messages are called spams, and for many years now, I no longer use them as my main marketing channel.

It wasn't until I graduated from college that I decided to self-employ myself full-time. I had the skills and good knowledge. I lack sufficient experience though. So, I went through ups and down in my quest to become a professional worker, on my own. I got cheated by several potential partners, and I lost some money. I've also made some good income, and survived all these years, having passed thru the dotcom and stock market crash in the USA (I was still in the USA during 9/11), and Asia's slow growth when I returned to Malaysia in 2002 (broadband connectivity is still pathetic in Malaysia, and many aspects for running a micro enterprise in Malaysia can still be improved significantly -- we're still 10 years behind compared to developed nations like the USA, European countries and Asian tigers like Japan, South Korea and Singapore).

Today, is a web domain for National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE). Among the missions of NASE is to provide affordable health-insurance, various benefits and other useful products and services for self-employed workers and micro businesses. We lack these kind of organizations or government bodies dedicated to such causes in Malaysia.

Pajamanation Malaysia, as part of a global team encompassing over 50 countries, aims to become a supporting entity for the cause of micro entrepreneurs. Our members might not reach 200,000 like NASE has, but we hope to build at least 10,000-member strong in Malaysia. We've come up with at least 40 political agendas to make Malaysia more condusive for over 400,000 micro businesses in Malaysia (80% of all active business entities, according the UNDP report published on January 2007). This group has been ironically overlooked by many government agencies and corporations (more favors are given to the SMEs (19%) and corporations (1%) including GLCs).

Join us at Pajamanation Malaysia. Help us, help you!

Partnerships and assistances are welcome... (Email me please, don't call! Thank you).

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