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The little new cars for Pajama workers in Malaysia

Remember the ol' Daihatsu Charade... We haven't seen it for a while in Malaysia, because, all these while, its breeds of several generations been marketed under different names by a local partner company, made national auto company - Perodua. Since the early 90s, Kancil has been the favorite money-saving car to moves families of big households (it's common to see the tiny Kancil squeeze 6-7 persons!). It's also a favorite for teenagers and women. Then came Kelisa in early 2000s. Today, Kancil and Kelisa roams the roads of the nations in just about any town, big or small. Then came Proton Savvy and Perodua Myvi, the larger siblings. Both went thru stiff competitions, and it's still hard to call who won, between Proton and Perodua.

Perodua however reserved another secret weapon. And last night, it officially unveiled the new model for immediate sales - Perodua Viva. There really are cheap for those with less cash - from under RM30K! (about USD8000).

Read more about it below (information from Wikipedia), and check out the nice photos posted by Paul Tan on his blog.

Perodua Viva

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Perodua ViVA
Manufacturer Perodua
Production 2007–current
Class Mini
Body style(s) 5-door mini
Platform FF
Engine(s) EF-VE(660cc), ED-VE(850cc), EJ-VE(1000cc)
DVVT petrol engine, water-cooled, in-line 3-cylinder, 4-cycle, DOHC.
Wheelbase 2390
Length Overall - 3575
Interior - 1845
Width Overall - 1475
Interior - 1300
Height Overall - 1530
Interior - 1250
Curb weight 660cc - 755KG
850cc - 865KG
1000cc Standard
SX - 785KG
EZ - 790KG
1000cc Premium
SXi - 795KG
EZi - 800KG
Fuel capacity 36 Litres
Related Perodua MyVi
Daihatsu Mira
Similar Proton Savvy

Perodua ViVA is the latest car manufactured by Perodua, Malaysia's second national car manufacturer. Perodua ViVA was launched on the 10th of May 2007, originally planned to be the replacement of Perodua's current compact car models - Perodua Kancil and Perodua Kelisa. Once launched, it turns out that Perodua decided to market it as a Kelisa replacement only, and will continue to sell the Kancil. Perodua ViVA is based on the 6th generation Daihatsu Mira. All of the Perodua ViVA grades uses Daihatsu DVVT engines.

Grade Variations

Perodua ViVA has been launched with 6 grades. They are as follows:

  • 660EX Manual
  • 850EX Manual
  • 1.0SX Standard Manual
  • 1.0SXi High Grade Manual
  • 1.0EZ Standard Automatic
  • 1.0EZi High Grade Automatic
Prices (courtesy of Paul Tan -- see link below)

  • Perodua Viva 660cc MT Solid: RM28,400
  • Perodua Viva 660cc MT Metallic: RM28,800
  • Perodua Viva 850cc MT Solid: RM32,500
  • Perodua Viva 850cc MT Metallic: RM32,900
  • Perodua Viva 1000cc MT Solid: RM36,800
  • Perodua Viva 1000cc MT Metallic: RM37,200
  • Perodua Viva 1000cc AT Solid: RM39,800
  • Perodua Viva 1000cc AT Metallic: RM40,200
  • Perodua Viva 1000cc Premium MT Solid: RM40,800
  • Perodua Viva 1000cc Premium MT Metallic: RM41,200
  • Perodua Viva 1000cc Premium AT Solid: RM43,800
  • Perodua Viva 1000cc Premium AT Metallic: RM44,200

Color Variations

  • Glittering Silver
  • Ivory White
  • Passion Red
  • Pearl Jade
  • Tropical Green

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