Tuesday, May 1

Happy Worker's Day - 1st of May, 2007

We here at Pajamanation Malaysia would like to wish everyone in Malaysia, and those in the countries around the world that celebrate this May Day as a common International Labour Day, Happy Worker's Day! (or as they say it in Malay: "Selamat Hari Pekerja/Buruh").

[[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_Day#International_Workers.27_Day ]]

As a pajama/microworking advocator, we believe that everyone is a worker on their own conscience, NOT somebody's, some other company's or any country's labor ("minyak cap buruh?"). Today, workers have the ultimate power as recognized by employers and governments worldwide. As workers unite, they represent a powerful force in every working nation.

Go ahead, say thanks to your employees and countrymen and show how you appreciate their contribution to productivities. And to every microworkers and self-employed entrepreneurs/workers too -- because of this group of hardworking individuals, governments can amass considerable tax money both in the forms of annual income/property tax and everyday's good & services tax.

As Dato Seri Fong Chan Ong concluded his "Bersama Menteri" (with Minister) RTM TV session on the evening of 2 MAY 2007, let's all the three parties work together: THE WORKERS, THE EMPLOYERS AND THE GOVERNMENT to push our country forward.

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