Tuesday, May 15

Selamat Hari Belia Negara & Hari Keluarga Antarabangsa 2007 (Happy National Youth Day & International Family Day!)

Today is Youth Day ("Hari Belia in Malay") in Malaysia and also Family Day throughout many nations in the world. It's the day we reflect the potentials of Malaysian youths in forming a more positive backbone of this nation, by staying away from destructive forces like drugs, lazyness, road rage (eg. merempit) etc, and instead continue to pursue education and healthy/productive lifestyles instead to contribute back to the society. May 15 is also the day we look back at family structures in Malaysia and continue to improve them. After all, family is the source of education, social skills and economy for many of us since we were born onto this earth.

The theme for this year's Youth Day celebration which has been extended to include longer period from 27 APRIL until 8 JULY 2007 is "Belia Peneraju Kemerdekaan Gemilang". This year's theme for Family Day is "Families and Persons with Disabilities "

We at Pajamanation Malaysia commend the government for its effort in gearing Malaysian youths towards positive achievements of themselves and for the country. For instance, the aggressive activities sponsored by the Ministy of Entrepeneurship & Cooperative to instill entrepeneurship among IPTA/IPTS graduates with taglines like "Entrepreneurship as a Career of Choice" is highly welcome.

We're very upbeat about reducing unemployment and increasing social status of many workers and micropreneurs in Malaysia and we hope, you do too. Let's net-WORK today.

Kerajaan akan menggerakkan hampir semua agensinya, pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) dan masyarakat secara bersepadu bagi memerangi ancaman dadah secara habis-habisan ke arah menjadikan Malaysia negara bebas dadah pada 2015

Perdana Menteri Malaysia

Harapan kerajaan untuk mencapai sasaran menjadikan Malaysia bebas dadah 2015 tidak akan dicapai tanpa sokongan padu dan jitu daripada agensi-agensi berkaitan, persatuan-persatuan belia dan masyarakat sendiri dalam membanteras penyalahgunaan dadah di kalangan generasi muda.
Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia

"Belia Benci Dadah" adalah wadah untuk menyedarkan masyarakat bahawa dadah itu adalah musuh utama negara dan usaha menentangnya habis-habisan adalah tanggungjawab semua.
Menteri Belia dan Sukan Malaysia

"MBM mahu menjadikan Program "Bakti Belia" Belia Benci Dadah sebagai program belia di akar umbi untuk gerakan organisasi belia, generasi muda dan masyarakat melalui pelbagai aktiviti yang menjurus kepada usaha membantu kerajaan menjauhkan generasi muda daripada dadah dan masalah sosial dan menjayakan matlamat "Belia Benci Dadah". Inilah Bakti Belia yang MBM rasa penting untuk negara"
Presiden MBM

Read more about Family Day at the UN website.

Unfortunately, as of today, there's neither mentioning about Youth Day at the website of Sports & Youth Ministry of Malaysia. There is a link however from the dedicated website of the very minister to here: http://www.phixelcode.com/haribelia. The webmasters of government websites need to keep up!!

Nice to see however that our Minister of Youth & Sports, Dato Seri Azalina Othman can really dig the stage along with a singer (rapper?).

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