Thursday, June 7

Pajamaworking at home... where in Malaysia?

BALIK PULAU: For many Malaysians, the idea for pajamaworking might sound foreign. After all, how can a person earn a decent income working in pagoda t-shirt (or any other comfy shirt), matched with a pelekat/batik/sarong or a short/track-bottom? But we sure do know that in the United States alone, there are well over ten million home-based workers, with some millions of them rely primarily on the Internet to earn their primary monthly income (with at least 700,000 of Americans using primarily eBay to trade).

The truth however, for hundreds of years, there have been 100,000s of micropreneurs in Malaysia (at least four times more than SME & corporations), many of whom are in trade and retail business of products and services, running mom and pops shops/offices and warongs, in cities/towns, colleges and villages, even until today! Take a look at the hundreds of pasar malams (night markets) held every single day (except during Eid) throughout Malaysia, and the shops where the workers practically are wearing 'pajamas' during the mornings, afternoons or even late nights. But every Malaysian knows that, right? Not many Malaysians can possibly be using ICT to earn any decent monthly income at home! Or so as some might have argued! (We however do know that they are thousands of "All Malaysian" bloggers and Internet marketers out there with hundreds of whom, have claimed to currently make quite a whopping income, even exceeding RM 20,000 a month!)

When I first imported this very pajamaworking idea to Malaysia, I knew that I wasn't alone... I've earlier gotten acquainted with many pajamaworkers and micropreneurs (throughout the 10+ years I've been operating several IT businesses from home), who are indeed earning handsome income through the use of ICT (be it the Internet or mobile communications technologies) at their home/SOHO . In 1999, I hired my first Malaysian pajamaworker working in Troy, NY, while I was running a web solutions company in Ann Arbor, MI, some hundreds of kilometers away. Today, from small towns of (non MSC-status) Balik Pulau and Sintok (MSC-status in some sense), with effective crowdsourcing tools like Pajamanation, I'm hiring even many more pajamaworkers in Malaysia and also in foreign lands including in USA, Germany, India and Uruguay.

Today, Pajamanation is already a network spreading across borders, starting with 53 nations by end of its inaugural year, 2006 and to be grown progressively. By June 2007, the largest audience of Pajamanation come from Venezuela, Belgium, Germany, United States, Israel, Portugal, Malaysia (#7), Hong Kong, Kenya, United Kingdom and 80+ other countries. is also one of the most visited web destinations in Kenya (Top-60!), Malaysia (Top-3000), Venezuela, Singapore, UK, US and 20+ other countries. -- SEE Google Analytics map above marked with more than 700 cities where Pajamanation's visitors come from (led by Caracas, Brussels, Lisbon, Petah Tiqwa, Dusseldorf, Kuala Lumpur (#6!), Hong Kong, Nairobi and Haifa)!

As one of the dozens of Pajamanation's business partners since 2006, my task is to grow this new global business venture particularly in its marketing & public relations in Malaysia. The goal is to empower tens of thousands of micropreneurs & home-based workers in Malaysia to connect to a local or even worldwide pool of micro projects offered by similar entities or large organizations. Let's see how Pajamanation Malaysia is doing so far after just slightly over two months since local launch: We have reached at least fourteen cities including Kuala Lumpur, Alor Star, Kuantan, Batu Pahat, Petaling Jaya, Kajang, Kelang, Georgetown/Pulau Pinang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kota Bharu, Kulai, Shah Alam and Miri. And we're going to more states and cities over the next few months, and we'll be needing you! Help us, help Malaysia be #1 in this new, thrivingly bold industry, which will revolutionize the way people in the future, WORK! Pajamanation will make the traditional all-employment culture, obsolete... And soon, small nations like Malaysia can really compete, globally!

Welcome to the World Wide Work! The whole world is mine. Check us out & REGISTER TODAY, FREE. And help us spread the words... Thank you in advance!

Together, everyone achieve more -- that's T.E.A.M. by the way!


Nasir Sobri
Pajamanation Malaysia

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