Saturday, June 9

Blogger's Gathering in Penang - Sat, 23 JUNE 2007

Got the following announcement in my email inbox yesterday... Looks like a worthy event for Pajamaworkers to join:


It is time for another bloggers’ gathering.

Though this time for the sake of the North Malaysians who missed the Pirates event in KL, we’re holding one for over 100 Nuffnangers at Food Loft, Gurney Plaza.

Along with a panel of Nuffnangers like Cedric and Project010, we have put together an event where the lovely guys at Food Loft have offered to sponsor us the venue and food for our bloggers’ meet.

For those of you who’ve never been to Food Loft, it is the trendy and chic restaurant at Gurney Plaza with a breathtaking sea view of Gurney Drive.

Nuffnangers from all over Malaysia are welcomed to attend and mingle with bloggers, Nuffnang advertisers and some of the Nuffnang team members themselves.

There will be a mingling session with lots and lots of photos and even a contest with prizes sponsored by Exabytes.

Not only that, in the show of support for our Nuffnang Community, Kenny Sia himself will be flying over all the way from Kuching to meet up with the Nuffnangers at this meet so sign up now before all 100 places are filled.

For more details of the event, click here.

To sign up for the event, click here to sign up.

Best Regards,

Samantha Wong
Marketing Executive
Nuffnang Malaysia

I've signed up to attend it, so, if you'll be coming to Penang for this one, see you at Gurney Plaza that Saturday noon (for free lunch, hehe -- who says there's no more free lunch..)!

And the promotional poster:


  1. Yeah! We wish to see you on that day itself! Cheers! :) And thanx for signin up


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