Saturday, December 6

Eat-outs and Blogging

Been doing those a lot the past couple months, and even more intense this week, and obviously lots of out-of-home/pajamaworking. Heck, I even had two steamboats just this week, one in Balik Pulau last Sunday and another just now in Gurney Drive. And tons of seafood too yesterday in Batu Maung, and between the eatings and occasional breaks for the photo shoots to feed Facebook and Picasa, I lost count of how many pieces of tiger shrimps I feeded myself - like Bubba Forrest Gump said - shrimp grilled, shrimp fried rice, shrimp steamboat etc. And then the excessive nite stays till wee morning hours past Subuh to complete posts like this and on four other blog sites (not including Facebook social network, Picasa photo blog, YouTube etc. video blog, Yahoo & Google Groups, Twitter etc. microblogs bla bla...)!

And like all addictions and craves, this must stop! Gotta stay home more, eat less and actually getting long-overdue work (and sales) done. Gotta start climbing those hills in Bukit Jambul and Teluk Bahang again... ;) Wait, there's Raya again this Monday nite, and looks like there will be more more activities involving meeting people and feeding tons of food again! The week after Eid al-Adha and program Usahawan Rakyat Deputy Chief Minister Fairus then... Gotta start thinking of plans for 2009 & 2010!

Happy Holidays and New Year this coming January 2009/Muharram 1430H everyone!

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