Friday, December 18

Tabik Malaysia!

Tahun Baru Hijrah paling bermakna buat Malaysia, emas, emas, 40+ semuanya... Many did their best at 25th SEA Games at Vientienne, Laos - swimming, diving, wushu, football... R.E.S.P.E.K.!

Tabik Malaysia! on Twitpic

Quoting "King Raja" (Dato'-in-waiting Rajagopal):

“We started the competition by recording the biggest win of the football competition (since 1959) – thrashing Timor Leste 11-0. Then, we packed off defending champions Thailand (out of the semi-finals for the first time in 36 years).

“Today, we have won the gold medal away from home for the first time after 30 years (1979) and ... crowned champions after 20 years.

Kepada semua peminat bola Malaysia "KEMBALILAH KE PANGKAL JALAN!" ;)

Have a great Awal Muharram everyone and may your year(s) ahead be blessed by God Almighty...

Wassalammualaikum w.w.

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