Sunday, March 16

Bracing for Wi-Po...

Not the intellectual property thing, but what I've been telling everyone as possibly the ultimate technology in this millennium, if scientists/technologists can really come up with it: long distance wireless power....

In recent years, there have been splashpod, splashpad, ecoupled (from Splashpower, Fulton Innovation LLC and PowerCast Corp etc) or whatever they'd call those special surfaces that can power up wireless mice (without batteries), or even charge mobile gadgets placed on top of or near them -- ability to transmit power up to several inches away, but when Marin Soljačić, assistant professor at MIT came up with a setup to power up a light bulb some wirelessly some two meters away, I'd say, let there be light! Read more at Technology Review...

Anyone knows where can I see/buy some of these "wi-po" devices in Malaysia? Until then, I'd just settle with my a4Tech BatteryFREE Wireless Optical Mouse I've been using for over three years now....

BTW, I noticed a lot of traffic coming from Kuwait to website. Could there be a surge of interest and possibly big investment soon from that region? ;)

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