Sunday, March 9

ELECTION 2008: Web 2.0 Part II (alpha)

It's official: The ruling coalition party that secured the biggest win/mandate in Malaysia election history just four year ago had just been given the smallest win/mandate today after the "new" Malaysians went to polls on Saturday, 8 MAR 2008 -- One could say that was the biggest setback for BN in Malaysia's modern history too. Politically, Pak Lah had certainly set up his biggest legacy - being the leader of this 'winning' party during both extremes, back-to-back!

Believe it or not too, Web 2.0 could have made this very big difference a reality. Of course, we'd need to investigate more to verify such statement which I'm sure many are already working towards it, and I'd think that I'd been doing that as well, time-permitting...

For now, let's just enjoy a quickie laugh (you'd only understand most of the jokes if you're Malaysia though...) reminiscing the few intense few weeks:

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