Saturday, February 28

$100 for a surge of twitter followers?

It's so easy to get people to virally spread words about you - just promise them free t-shirts, free followers (@garymccaffree) and free $100 (a considerably low marketing investment!):

Just an hour ago (around 1am MYT or noon USA EST, Michael Gray (@graywolf) posted a simple message on Twitter:
"I will give out $100 via paypal to ONE person who is following me as of 12:00 midnight east coast time - please RT"
That simple message on a 12-hour contest (from noon to midnight) offering $100 via paypal was enough to generate over 150 retweets per hour (about 2.5 messages per minute), sending a spike on twitscoop, highlighting "paypal" on twitcloud:

To enhance the tweeted message, Michael also immediately highlighted the simple contest on his Twitter Bio.

It helps however that Michael already has nearly 5,000 followers on his @graywolf twitter account.

Expect that he'll add a few thousands more very soon...

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