Wednesday, August 8

Ready for Web 3.0?

Much have been talked and discussed about Web 2.0 for the past couple years. While most of Web users are still clueless about Web 2.0, Web enthusiasts are starting to ask about what's next. That's gotta 3.0, but what will it be? Who will be picked as the coiner of the next one?

Tim Berners Lee and Tim O' Reilly and have in the past been the influential persons in coming up with the terms Web and Web 2.0 respectively. While we don't know who was the first one to buzz about Web 3.0 correctly, last week, a respected person in the industry, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has been asked for a probable definition for the next generation of the Web:-

Well, the bites from him were nothing new actually, as many have already guessed similar stuff. But past the few laughs, he put some serious notes on it:
“That’s a very different application model than we’ve ever seen in computing. Very different from the mainframe era, very different from the PC industry, and likely to be very, very large. There are low barriers to entry, the new generation of tools… make it relatively easy to do, solve a lot of problems, and work everywhere.”

For me, Web 3.0 is quite simple actually: Web 2.0 is about crowdsourcing content, hence the wiki, the crowdcasting, the lulu, the book/product/service reviews etc, by just about any Web users, not just the software geeks. Web 3.0 will be about crowdsourcing applications -- building applications will be easy enough for any Web users, not just software geeks, unlike the traditional open-sourcing of linux, apache, mozilla etc. We have indeed starting to the get the gist of it from the latest Facebook Open Platform, and Adobe AIR etc. Building applications should be easy, and deployable easy enough and to run across all operating systems. Hence, it's about real high-quality productions that can have value and sell well.

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Stay tuned for Pajamanation 3.0, ie. "the World Wide Work!" (Smell what the *** is Cooking.. ;)-)


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