Thursday, August 16

Domains, auctioned live, worldwide!

New domain names are cheap nowadays, but getting a really good one or two might be tough. Getting a new domain name used to cost as much as US$70 or more (for two-year minimum registration for a .com/net/org at US$35 per year), but today, new names cost for much as well under US$10 per year (with only one minimum year).

But to get a really good names is where the domain "after markets" come in the picture where domains get sold for millions of dollars for names like and It may have been a while since we've last heard of big buys of domain names, but today, 15 AUG 2007 (PST) it's BAAACK in one of the largest auction organized by DomainTools and partners at the Domain RoundTable in Seattle, WA, USA. And I can't remember when was the last time, if there has ever been a show for domain auction, live like 777 world-wide concert!

Check out the result of live auction at or chat at Ustream.TV.

Some of these domains out of 450 names being auctioned this first round of DomainTools auction are already raking in 5-digit or more in buy amount. The following are the big buys so far as of 5.30 am (MYT) - prices in US dollar:-
  1. (1-million)
  2. (500K)
  3. (500K)
  4. (99K) - one of the highest for a .org!
  5. (95K)
  6. (35.5K)
  7. (31K)
  8. (30K)
  9. (30K) - the few short names
  10. (27K)
  11. FreeHealthInsurance (25K)
  12. (25K)
  13. (25K)
  14. (25K)
  15. (21,250)
  16. (15K)
  17. (10.5K)
  18. (10K)
(about 10% of the auctioned names are getting the big buys!)

Psst... I actually have one domain being auctioned and it's already getting bids ;-) Cool macbook coming up for me for more pajamaworking... BTW, I've sold a few domains in the past for 5-digit earnings, and you can too! There's no business like domain business!!

If you're pajamaworking or running a pajama enterprise without a domain name yet, why not get one today? You could hit a jackpot a little investment of well under US$10!

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