Saturday, October 13

Eid Mubarak from Balik Pulau...

A heartfelt Eid holidays greeting to all Muslims in Malaysia and elsewhere - may you have a festive celebrations and safe travel.... Congratulations for completing the full month of Ramadhan fasting!

Here's me today after trying tons of Penang delicacies (eg. nasi minyak, mee rebus, satay etc) and specialized drinks (eg. cendol, bandung, teh tarek) with Dato' Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya, Parliamentary Secretary to the' Finance Ministry of Malaysia, who's the local assemblyman for and from my town, Balik Pulau -- see, I'm about his height (but I'm with a much larger size of course!):

And our Malay traditional outfit (for men) looks comfy enough like pajamas -- we Malays indeed sometimes sleep wearing it, minus the 'kain samping' (skirt-type adornment that's worn during various events, both formal and casual).

The joint-venture 'open house' event was held at Balik Pulau Sports Complex, and hosted by three elected officials -- Puan Siti Faridah binti Arshad (ADUN for Teluk Bahang) and Encik Muhamad Farid bin Saad (ADUN for Pulau Betong) along with Dato' Seri Hilmi (also a former ADUN for Teluk Bahang).

BTW, a Malaysian citizen has been officially in space as of this week! After two days of rocket jetting, one of the first two Malaysian astronauts, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar reached the International Space Station along with fellow crews and astronauts from Russia and the USA on Eid night (the evening before Eid Day), as televised live last night. How many countries can claim that? Now, anything's possible -- not even space can be a limit!

If you have a dream, work on it. I know I will. See you when you get there... (ciplak daripada Coolio)

Salam Muhibbah,

Nasir Sobri
Country Manager,
Pajamanation Malaysia.

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