Friday, December 21

I am a supreme nerd!!!

According to, my nerdiness is:

All hail the monstrous nerd...

You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!!

2% scored higher (more nerdy),
0% scored the same, and
98% scored lower (less nerdy).

Well, I know I'm a nerd (and proud of it), but I'd like to think that I'm not the nerdiest of people. And looks like I'm right: 2% other people who took the test are nerdier than me!

It's good to know though that being a nerd is not longer as bad as in the 70s (as portrayed in 80s and older movies) and earlier when these individuals constantly get laughed at all the time: Einstein, Newton, Stephen Hawkings etc. to name a few of today's big names in science. Today, some of the richest people, both seniors and freshies are some of the nerdiests: William H Gates III (one of the biggest philantropists out there too, and one-time TIME Person of the Year, side-by-side with U2's Bono not too long ago), the Googleaires pair, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, the two Yahoo!s, Linux's Torvalds, Apple's Steves (Jobs is now the biggest individual shareholder of Disney!) and many more today's cool and filthy rich guys especially those in the ICT/computer industries.

Heck, last year, TIME even named 'YOU' (nerds who came up with user-generated content on YouTube and millions other websites.) as its 2006 Persons of the Year...

Wanna be rich and cool?

Be a nerd (and entrepreneurial)!

(See, even the people behind are making good money themselves by coming up with cool gift items: tshirts, stuffed bears, caps etc.)

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