Monday, January 14

Broadband Communications - the Enabler of Knowledge Society

That's the main theme for the upcoming Asia Pacific Wireless Broadband Forum 2008 that is to be held at Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on Friday 25 JAN 2008.

My good ol' friend, Dr Yusoff with MMU is co-promoting this event which will welcome guests from our local ministries, various govervment agencies, and delegations & speakers from Japan.

[I've had the opportunity to experience Japan's broadband just recently,
and it's something like 30 Mbps today to homes -- need I say more?)

Check out the details of the event here:

See you broadband enthusiasts there!

or use either of below links to add to your favorite desktop PIM, eg. Outlook, Apple iCal etc:-




Godspeed for the remaining of January 2008!

Come February, Penangites can check out a Technopreneur Forum to be co-organized by MDEC and USM, and I'll likely be one of the speakers... Details coming up soon.

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