Thursday, January 10

New Cars for New Year!

Happy New Hijra' Year 1429 to all Muslims and Muslimahs...

Just wanna say that this car looks cool (and cute!):

(Dubbed "The People's Car" revealed today on 1 MUHARRAM 1429H/10 JAN 2008, pictured with Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Group of Companies, India).

And this one retails for just a little over RM8,000! Good for cash buyers, but I'm sure financiers are flocking to approach low-income earners for "take one home today" plans. And for 50 miles per gallon of petrol, it's 'green' too!

But I'm not sure I'd like one without an air-conditioner ;)
For many Malaysians, Proton BLM ("Base Line Model" dubbed the "comeback Saga" - I made that up!) would serve as a good new year's gift for well under RM40K - slightly more expensive than an Iswara but cheaper than a Savvy.

Maybe I should get a new car this year...

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