Thursday, January 17

Pajama-Man, the Movie (2008)

It'd be good to have one soon, following the steps of Spider-Man, Superman and the most recent local made CicakMan. Or for Malaysians, perhaps we should have a "Orang Baju Tidur", "Kain Pelekat/Batik Man" or T-shirt Pagoda Man... ;)

Anyway, now that Pajamanation is going through some serious renovations aka resurrection phase, in the midst of refunding through the channels of E.U. or anything else possible, with fresher and bolder leadership, direction, and strategies, it's good to get hyped up again with buzzwords like "Pajama Man" or Pajamaworker... Believe it or not, why many are suiting up with ties and coats and earning low 4-digit pay, many in their pagodas and shorts are working leisurely at home, earning 5-digit and more per month! And soon, many more can... although the images of people working in pagodas aren't too appeasing, eh? ;)

On a good mood, I didn't know before that not only there is a song dedicated to my name, there's also a movie by the name of Sobri! And it turns out that the character is sort of a Hungarian version of the famous "Robin Hood", stealing from the rich to give to the poor! Hmm, that sounds to be a strong connection with Pajama Man!! After all, the Pajama notion by Pajamanation has something to do with empowering the less able and the less rich people with greater access and freedom for work and good living, although in the criminal kind of ways. Oh well, I'm dreaming here, but dreaming while awake could actually be much better than dreaming while asleep!

Back to the Nasir "Robin Hood" Sobri, not only is he observably very patient (self-claimed??), he's also very much of a "savior", hence the (ACTUAL) literal meaning of "Nasir al-Sobri" in Arabic - "the patient savior!" But I still can't get rid of the Smallville hyming of "Somebody save me!!" off my head, and I can't (patiently) wait for another season of the Beauties and SuperBoy comes Fall this year...

God has laid down a mission for me, and so does pop culture! (Now this starting to sound like a movie... ) Just a lighter moment, guys!!

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