Thursday, November 1

November Fall in Malaysia

Salaam & Hi again from Nasir Sobri, the pajama guy behind Pajamanation Malaysia. I've been slacking a bit on blogging during the past few weeks due to other commitments on several projects I'm pajamaworking for clients etc. In fact, am writing this from Kuala Lumpur, some four hours away from my home pajama town, Balik Pulau, Penang... Even our global CEO, Dr De Brouwer in Belgium is having some tech hiccups distracting him off blogging at his blogspot. But hey, you can continue getting "pajama feeds" from many more sources out there including from my friend in the United Kingdom, Andy Roberts and in Venezuela, Ricardo Del Rio (in Spanish)...

It's November again, and as the 90s rock band Guns & Roses (GNR) had it the one of its most successful songs, "November Rain", it rains a lot here throughout Malaysia all these weeks since before Eid in October... Suppose if Malaysia is located further up north from the equator, we'd be having snow already instead, but the temperature here constantly feels like it's Fall season in the all-year-long hot & wet tropical climate of Malaysia.

Unfortunately, it'll be short this time as I have to prepare a business pitch connecting a local university researcher with a close friend of mine in media industry later this morning (it's Subuh time of 6am now and I've been up since 4am after an early bedtime)... If this will work, it'll open up a path for our Malaysia-based academia to collaborate with industry on a tech-centric product, and things will be brighter later on for the thousands other technopreneurs out there throughout the country -- MDEC, the main entity behind the Multimedia Super Corridor project for Malaysia's 2020 Vision is supporting our initiative.

A bit of distraction: did you know that there is a song dedicated to my name "Sobri" popularized by a French singer, Leslie Bourgouin (with French, Vietnamese and Polynesian decent, as the first single of her second album)? Well, partially that is -- my dad's name actually, but it's like, my "last name" you know... Enjoy the music:

and the following version with Amine looks Bollywood enough:

(now I'd love to learn French, sooner or later... - As many of you, I'd be a fan of Alizée as well ;-) - not the alcoholic beverage Alize!)

And it's approximate translation in English:

Like a mirage, a dream
Un combat qui s'achève, A fight that ends,
Ils n'y ont jamais cru en cet amour qui sommeil. They have never believed in that love which sleep.
En nous depuis toujours, As we have always,
Sans que notre les entour, mais Without the area that our, but
Il était temps pour nous de fuir ceux qui nous enchaînent. It was time for us to leave those who we pattern.

On s'est promis d'échapper à l'injustice It has promised to avoid injustice
De ne plus vivre à leurs dépends From no longer live at their expense
On a fait tous ce qu'on Pouvait mais en vaint It was all so-Can but vaint
Tant qu'on en est sur, osons tout While we are on, dare all

J'irai ou tu iras , au bout du monde avec toi Or you go I will go, at the end of the world with you
Quitte à tout perdre avec toi. Exits to lose everything with you.
N'ti n'ti wana rani netmenna...naichou fel h'na N'ti n'ti wana .. ki rani netmenna ... naichou fel h'na
(Traduction : Juste toi toi toi et moi tous ce que je souhaite c'est qu'on vive (Translation: Just yourself you and me all that I want is that deep
dans la tranquilité) In tranquility)

N'ti houbi lawwel..waalik ma nesbor N'ti houbi lawwel .. waalik my nesbor
We bla bik netdwedder nebghik ya omri hdaya.. We bla bik netdwedder nebghik are omri hdaya ..
N'ti ghaliya andi N'ti ghaliya andi
Nebghik liya wahdi .. Nebghik liya wahdi ..
Omri wine ma toughdi n'rouh maak wine ma kane Omri wine my toughdi n'rouh maak my wine kane
Matkhalliniche ya omri matkhalliniche Matkhalliniche are omri matkhalliniche

Non jamais sans toi Never without you
Nti houbbi naatik galbi Nti houbbi naatik galbi
Tu l'as fais pour moi Hast do for me

Gaa yahadrou nti matensey Gaa yahadrou nti matensey
Adyani mayebgouniche ... Adyani mayebgouniche ...

J'Irai ou tu iras , au bout du monde avec toi J'Irai or you will go, at the end of the world with you
Quitte à tout perdre avec toi. Exits to lose everything with you.
N'ti n'ti wana rani netmenna...naichou fel h'na N'ti n'ti wana .. ki rani netmenna ... naichou fel h'na

Let's see if I'll be blogging from Japan some two weeks from today... See ya!

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  1. Fullamak, u have your own song now? This makes me envy...


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