Friday, November 16

Broadband 2.0 coming soon in Malaysia?

Like most of you Malaysia-based customers of TM Net Streamyx and plethora other broadband providers (really? more like many in Klang Valley only, not elsewhere!), I'm one of the users of the 1-Mbps DSL (but down to 50Kbps for international connection most of the time) and 384-Kbps GPRS-EDGE (but normally around just 200Kbps). Say, if you've heard that half of the world's the billion plus Internet users have access to "Mega Broadband" (3-Mbps or faster), let me confirm to you that, that really is true:

Check out the speed I'm getting from a public Wi-Fi here at Web 2.0 conference room (shared by dozens/a hundred plus of people attending the conference blazing out YouTube etc.): 8-Mbps downstream and over 6-Mbps upstream (at least ten times faster than what we're getting in Malaysia)-- enough for some serious enterprise data center operation:

And unlike the Streamyx "Narrowband", this amazing download speed is not just within Tokyo, but all the way to Cyberjaya:

(notice how slow the connection into Cyberjaya (downstream for Malaysians 10-million plus PCs) and much faster for going out of Cyberjaya because we don't have that many servers yet.)

Heck, the LAN connection in the hotel room here at Cerulean Tower (costs 1050-yen per day -- about the price of a meal in Tokyo) even surpassed 30-Mbps!

[That's faster than connection at many "MSC-status universities", hence don't act so surprise when not a single Malaysian IPTA is in the top-200 global rank this year -- I remember how Dato Seri JJ lashed back to me confidently in front of 100s of technopreneurs at Vistana Penang, two years ago, on how he was betting on WiMAX to villages instead of upgrading Internet to higher learning institutions immediately... (I was commenting on how I suffered greatly being cut off from the entire fast-moving Web 2.0-world when I enrolled at a local IPTA in a remote town up north for my graduate studies - To Dato JJ: Where's your WiMAX all these years?? Our universities are in the dark, including in the only "5-star" Malaysian university!!)]

Drool on guys!!

(But I hope we'll at least get 3.6-Mbps 3G soon from Maxis and Celcom - and perhaps DiGi too, now that it has made a RM700-million move for TDC's 3G license... And I heard that Streamyx 4-Mbps is coming soon to Penang -- yeah rite! I'll dream on for the "mega town" of Balik Pulau...).

[Am blogging this during Zimbra show session in Japanese language with simultaneous English interpretation after Scott Dietzen completed his lengthy part -- the slides for both sessions were in Japanese though..]


  1. uiyooo... watashi ala jelesto.. lia punya speedo manyak lajuo...

    tensen arr..!!

  2. kalau speed makin laju...memang bagus..but we have to think the way ISP think.kalau speed kite laju giler babeng...for sure they will do content filtering...they will decrease the download speed..especially for is good for business


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