Monday, November 19

Keynotes 2.0

Bravo to Tim O'Reilly for his unique opening of both days of Web2Expo Tokyo -- after a short introduction speeches on the first day, Tim immediately shifted to interview show with two interesting guests, one per day: Joichi Ito from the famous Joi Ito's lab and Evan Williams from Twitter (also co-founder of Pyra/ and a graduate from Google and O'Reilly). After all, Web 2.0 is about multiple ways of sharing (between at least two individuals/entities or among members of a community), not just one-way delivery (broadcasting without feedbacks).

Tim however should have allowed more time for the rather watch-n-think, 'shy' crowd to come up with questions instead of brushing quickly that the audience lack of anything to ask the two guests.

And bravo to John Breslin for his comprehensive coverage on at least three of the six keynotes over the two Web 2.0 days at the Cerulean Tower Hotel, Shibuya.

I'll put up more stuff here off my OneNote records once I finish taking care of some procrastinated chores...

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  1. You're welcome, glad you found them useful!



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