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Read on what pantipicon team wrote on the evolution of jobs from one to many, from big to tiny...

On the personal side, I am very excited this week:-

1. I'm going to Tokyo for the first time along with a couple of gentlemen from the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) of Malaysia and another Penang-based colleague. I have previously stopped over at Narita airport twice during en-route to USA, but this time, I'm going see more of Japan first-hand, not just through the portrayals in movies or the influx of everything Japan - cars, Sony, electronics, techno etc. and that chic tune from Gwen - Harajuku... Hmm, I didn't know a stay in a modest hotel there is going to cost us RM1,000+ per night! (that's about 1-2 months of car loan payment and the three nights stay can already buy me a new smashing notebook computer!)

2. It's the first time, the O'Reilly's Web 2.0 going to arrive big time in Asia having created the explosive buzzes in the States and just recently last week in Berlin. This Asia version will be shorter and cost less than the US or Germany counterparts, but I'm particularly even more enthusiastic to learn Web 2.0, Asian-style. After all, we've been too bombarded with Western version of Web 2.0 all these while with Friendster (US-originated that somehow find more than 80% of its audience from Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, the Philipines, Indonesia and Singapore), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google etc., I don't think I'd be learning much if I had gone to San Francisco instead. -- I can always look the American versions up in Wikipedia, YouTube and Slideshare, while the Asian ones, they remain secrets like the Ninja codes! (I'm not sure I know what I'm talking about this time ;-))

Well, if iPhone didn't do much wonders in Asia (yet), let's see if Web 2.0 is and will...

Look forward to be blogging from Japan -- I hope the Wi-Fi there won't cost me arms and legs! And if web2expo buzz more hypes than real biz, I'll try to come up with my own Lost in (Shibuya-ku) Translation stories off the three nights there.

Hajimemashite... Konichiwa!

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