Saturday, July 28

Innovate Without Emigrate

Thomas L Friedman, a American award-winning columnist said in among others, his best-selling book entitled "The World Is Flat: Brief History of the Twenty-first Century", " can innovate without having to emigrate!". He subsequently stressed so too in his speech at M.I.T. on 16 MAY 2005 (see video at MITWorld).

Like MIT President Emeritus Charles M. Vest, I'm not in full agreement with what Tom laid out in his books or various articles and speeches, but, his views on globalization (or glocalization, as he mentioned too), and the trends of outsourcing, offshoring and open sourcing are worth to be explored:

Download a full 75-minute audio (32kbps)/video (56-220kbps) of the speech by Tom Fiendman in RealPlayer stream format from MIT World.

Trivia: The guy is not a certified economist, but his wife who hails from one of the top-100 richest families in America that had helped pioneered shopping malls since the 50s, is.

The following is an article penned by Friedman not long afterwards as published on the Sept 5, 2005 issue of The New York Times Upfront magazine (published by Scholastic, Inc), focusing on globalization wave as observed from China and India:

[view fullscreen at SlideShare or read the text version at FindArticles.]

Here's another slide to learn on the impact of "flat world, flat web" on educational classrooms"

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