Thursday, July 12

Women-lead ICT based enterprises?

Some questions on this topic were raised by Lena Zúniga, a blogger for the upcoming Global Knowledge Partnership 2007 event that is to be hosted in Kuala Lumpur later this year:-

  1. Are (there) micro, small and medium enterprises economic models that actually translate into benefits to local communities? What are the conditions for entrepreneurial initiatives to spread their benefits?

  2. Self employment does not eliminate the fact that most women work double shifts and take most of the load of domestic work and family responsibilities. How do we address this and other challenges of women entrepreneurs in developing countries?

  3. What capacities are needed to strengthen women lead medium, small and even microenterprises, and what strategies have proved successful to deliver these capacities?

  4. Are there experiences in public policy, government support and international cooperation for the support of this specific sector?

Feel free to submit your opinions on these questions. For feedbacks accumulated so far, refer GKP forum website at

You may also subscribe to the GKP moderated email group/mailing list to participate in the on-going and future discussions.

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