Monday, July 23

Offshoring is part of the solution, not the problem

I've been away from 'home' (aka primary workplace) for quite the whole of last week which explains on the lack of most recent posts. Still, I managed to take care of several administrative work chores for my other businesses and put up a few blog posts on several other blogs from a remote location. More updates on my my recent outstation trips coming up, once I settle a few other pressing work -- got to take care of existing clients first ;-)

Here's a nice article on outsourcing vs. offshoring I picked up from the vast resource of Slideshare -- a very useful social sharing web 2.0 application indeed: instead of sharing just audio and video or plain files, this one lets you share presentations that can be viewed full-screen. The service currently supports Microsoft Powerpoint ppt and pps formats as well as OpenOffice (odp) and the popular Adobe Acrobat (pdf - for exports from other applications).

I prepared a slide as well last night for an upcoming promotion of instant website building service:

Don't hesitate to offer me feedbacks/comments on this slide and the overall slide-sharing service. Thanks in advance!

1 comment:

  1. Nice slide and concept. I've heard and understand few different meanings of offshore terminology. This one is a new one. Feeling dizzy oredy...


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