Thursday, July 26

Use Web 2.0 to Promote Your Business

We hear a lot about "Web 2.0" these days. It sounds neat and it's trendy to talk about blogging and social media. But does it really affect our businesses? Is Web 2.0 just for kids and tech-hipsters or is it something we business owners should use to help promote our businesses?

Kevin Stirtz offers the following list on how to effectively use Web 2.0 for your business:-
  1. Have a plan.
  2. Make sure your target audience is online.
  3. Create good content.
  4. Don't sell.
  5. Start with a free hosted blog.
  6. Talk to kids
  7. Do it yourself.
  8. Buy a camcorder and start shooting
  9. Buy an inexpensive audio recorder
  10. Surf 'till it Hurts (make new friends)
Read the full article at American Chronicle.

One problem however: Stirtz is posting complete articles that he had syndicated to various web-based media sites, on his own blog -- this perhaps prompted Google's automated PageRank system to flag his blog as a duplicate, hence a ZERO page rank for its front page. Good tips, one bad move! Or maybe, Google's PR just need to grow smarter.

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