Monday, July 2

Entrepreneurship 2.0, revisited...

A couple weeks ago, we published a flash/video presentation on Entrepreneurship 2.0. We haven't told many people though, yet it does records hundreds of viewings at YouTube and we are starting to receive a stream of feedbacks on it.

It's not just us who are talking about this emerging entrepreneurial concept though. The talk about
Entrepreneurship 2.0 or Socialized (Micro) Entrepreneurship (LESS is MORE) has been going on the Web for some time now:-

In May 2007, SiliconIndia Blog published an article by Gunjan (who believes that "
entrepreneurship itself is now ready to be taken to the masses, to the "long tail" of the human population, to villages and rural areas, to common folks, who are ready to make a difference for themselves and their environment") that talks at length about Entrepreneurship at where else: India as one of the potentially biggest ICT economies of the future alongside with China and the rest of Asia Pacific and many third world nations, as they join the traditional IT leaders of the US and EU countries.

Gunjan stresses that the idea of "democratized entrepreneurship" is not new:
"People have talked about "Microfinance", "Village Banking", "Banking for the poor", etc. etc. for a decade now. In fact Mohd Yunus even received his "Nobel Prize" in 2006 for his work on Grameen bank in Bangladesh, and other parts of the world. "
The Open Source "Big Social Challenge" endeavor, according to Gunjan is to:
" inspire, and help create millions of entrepreneurs in all parts of the world, in remote villages, to uplift rural population, to find that small "fisher woman" who can through smart entrepreneurship can multiply her income by 10x. Or the local artisan, who figures out the game of volumes and distribution to reach out to the demand out there or to the talented village school teacher, who could never reach out of her job, to now creating an educational micro enterprise to change the ways kids learn and grow. I"
Clearly, Gunjan and co have expressed their plan and aspirational executions to redefine Silicon India -- focus on the micro entrepeneurial entities instead of the corporations. Will Malaysia's MDeC consider the similar possibility for Malaysia's landscape for its own ala-Silicon Valley Multimedia Super Corridor throughout the nation? Or should the responsibility and initiatives be in the sole hands of the microworking entities themselves, e.g. Pajamanation Malaysia?

Jeff Corwall, directory of Belmont University Center for Entrepreneurship however seems to prefer hands-off policy of the government and let the people have their own "free market" in response to presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton's "Innovation Agenda, 1.0" -- one that mentions "E-science initiatives that link Internet-based tools, global collaboration" and "prizes by the government's Office of CyberInfratructure for innovations".

The debate on Gunjan's talk on Entrepeneurship 2.0 and Hillary's high-tech agendas continues...

Meanwhile, folks at are having interesting discussions on many Entrepeneurship 2.0 enterprises or folksonomic companies as they'd call them.

If you're wondering whether Entrepreneurship 2.0 has arrived in Malaysia, read these earlier pieces:

An epistemology at work, glocally, eh? Welcoming your comments etc...

Do write to us, or post up your comments at myPajamanation Blog on what you think about micro entrepreneurial revolution in Malaysia.

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